The Baltimore Remodeling Company is an architect-owned company and provides an in-house design and construction process managed by owner Jeff Rubin, AIA. Quality design is just as critical to a successful remodeling project as quality construction. We provide both design and building services for all projects in an integrated process utilizing in-house design and construction. Our design-build process can be utilized for kitchens, bathrooms, basements and remodeling of any of the interior spaces in your home. The same process can also be used for smaller projects like outfitting closets, custom cabinetry, or a special built-in. The Baltimore Remodeling Company manages both in-house design and construction in one cohesive process. All design and construction is managed by owner/architect Jeff Rubin, AIA who has over 35 years of experience in the remodeling industry in all phases of design and construction.


Can I live in the space when you are working on my home addition?


One of the biggest hesitations in moving forward with any addition or renovation project is how disruptive it can be to your everyday life. The Baltimore Remodeling Company works very hard to minimize this inconvenience and we’ve adapted our process to keep your home, yard, children, pets and personal items from dust and debris. While there may be days you want to escape to a “construction-free” environment we try our best to ensure your house is still your home.

Baltimore Design-Build