Our exterior home services include improvements like replacing doors and windows, and transforming your outdoor space with a new deck. You can improve your home's curb appeal with simple exterior home improvements, like installing windows and doors, adding french or sliding glass doors, and upgrading the front door and hardware. We can also upgrade your home's energy efficiency with new energy efficient doors and windows, added insulation, and weatherstripping to seal any gaps. The Baltimore Remodeling Company can also give you an outdoor space that you'll be able to enjoy all year long. We can build and replace decking and railings, build a new porch, add outdoor lighting and install outdoor speakers.


Do I need a permit to build a deck?


In most instances, yes. But this process isn’t your concern! We will take care of the deck plans and all the permit-related paperwork. However, don’t forget to consult your bylaws if your home is a part of a Homeowners Association or similar entity. Size, color, decking material, and other components may have limitations or restrictions, so do your research!