The Baltimore Remodeling Company can lay your new hardwood, laminate or tile flooring, refinish your current hardwood floors, or install ceramic tile, including bathroom tile and kitchen backsplashes. Choose from many different types of flooring, including tile, stone, wood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, sustainable flooring like bamboo, marmoleum and more. Upgrade your new bathroom with an under floor heating system or enhance the design with decorative ceramic tile, like a mosaic tile strip or accent wall. Make your new kitchen bold with an eye-catching kitchen backsplash. Even if you're not doing a full remodel with new floors, we can sand down and refinish your current hardwood floors and often repair broken ceramic tile.


What kind of maintenance will my ceramic tile floors require?


Ceramic tile floors are very durable and easy to maintain. They should be regularly swept or vacuumed, mopped with a non-abrasive mop with mild detergent mixed with water, and grout should be cleaned with a grout-specific cleaner.