Our services include design, kitchen layout, selecting cabinets, countertops, fixtures, etc., and full construction services. The kitchen is the heart of a home and a kitchen remodeling is typically a rewarding project that can be enjoyed by family as well as friends and guests. We will take your outdated, cramped kitchen and give it a whole new look so it is not only beautiful, but more importantly functional. The Baltimore Remodeling Company can design a new kitchen for you including a new kitchen layout, cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, countertops, appliances, and finishes. If you need more space for your kitchen, we can remove a wall; that's not a problem! Owner Jeff Rubin is a licensed architect with over 35 years of experience in kitchen design and construction allowing The Baltimore Remodeling Company to craft a new kitchen for you from start to finish.


What about cabinet selection?


We can show you a wide variety of cabinet door styles, finishes, species of wood, sizes, configurations and options that are available. Working together with our kitchen designer we guide you to select a cabinet that meets your needs. As part of the construction phase we order, provide, and install the kitchen cabinets.

Baltimore Kitchen Remodeling